Cathedral The Guessing Game

Review of their most recent album from Classic Rock.

Clocking in at a statuesque 85 minutes, this double disc set from UK doom vetrans not only marks a renaissance, but may well be their finest album ever. From the outset, though, it’s obviously a massive break from the doom laden past, piling in with sitars, mellotrons, synths and glockenspiels, creating something that at times sounds like a phenomenal lost British prog album from 1971 (on Vertigo, obviously). Not that it’s in any way an exercise in nostalgia or pastiche: the doom roots are still there throughout and for all that it creates an impression of afghan coats and incense, it’s an albumn that could only really be made in 2010. Songs like Death Of An Anarchist and Funeral Of Dreams (featuring singer Alison O`Donnell of 70s Irish folk rock band Mellow Candle) are classic Cathedral, but with a little bit of a psychedelic twist. The Running Man, a nod to King Crimson’s 21st Century Schizoid Man, and the pulverising doom of Requiem For The Voiceless (a protest song about factory farming) are the two strongest tracks and the two poles of The Guessing Game. The double disc format allows Cathedral’s imagination to be unbounded. It’s an exciting reboot for a veteran band.
Tommy Udo

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